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1. Members must ensure that the particulars provided for registration are accurate and there is no repetition of the registration process for signing in purposes.

2. If there are any changes in the personal particulars provided, members are required to make amendments on the website to protect their rights.

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4. If members spread or post any rumours; advertisement or attack the company and its members, the company reserves its right to terminate one's membership without any notifications.

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Intellectual property rights

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The role and responsibilities as the website's users

If you notice any illegal use or selling of the website's products on the Internet or any other conventional market place, please report to us immediately via email .
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2. Copying, transmitting, publicly broadcasting, selling and publishing this content and format.

3. Spreading virus, and other acts that will put the rights of the members and the website in danger, causing monetary losses in repair and reconstruction for members and the company.


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